Monday, July 30, 2012


As an EarlyBird member, here's how to keep your account active... [expand all | collapse all]

* Stay subscribed to the VirtaPay Blog
The blog is the primary channel we use to keep our EarlyBird users updated with the latest developments at VirtaPay. If you are not subscribed to the blog, your account may be considered inactive and it may even be terminated.

We need EarlyBird users who participate. By reading the blog you can make sure you are using the features we need tested. Also, If you don't log in for more than 2 days, your earnings will stop accruing. If you don't log in for more than 1 month, we may terminate your account.

If you take the steps to keep your account active, you'll earn a variable daily rate which will be automatically added to your VirtaPay account balance.
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